MoodCafe is a mental health based startup by alumni and students of IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad that aims to being one stop solution for mental health. MoodCafe envisions to create a world where ‘ it’s okay to not be okay’. Being a tech startup it aims to disrupt the mental health domain by employing the right blend of psychology, counseling, therapies, artificial intelligence and innovative reach out strategies.
Currently we are developing the following four solutions to help people understand and improve their mental health:
1. An online counselling platform where we connect users with selected and relevant experts and provide them counselling sessions across video call, voice call and face to face meets.
2. Moody: A Facebook Messenger based chatbot that hears you out and assesses you to make you more aware about your mental health.
3. Lending ears: An anonymous chat application where you can anonymously chat with a trained volunteer called Listener and share your feelings without revealing your identity or being judged.
4. Percept of personality: A fun filled role playing mobile game where you engage in a story which keeps building up based on your choices. In the end you get an analysis of your personality type based on your choices.

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